Many of you know that I am a long-term expat in Berlin, by way of Kansas City, MO and Bennington, VT. I have gathered rich work and life experiences on the way, and have been able to contribute my skills and experiences at the university and corporate level. Now, after meeting Dr. Fiona Citkin, my experiences are coming full circle. In Fiona I have found an immigrant going the other way, from Ukraine to New Jersey and a deep thinker, innovator and survivor. Her book, How They Made It In America, kicked off my imagination! Now we are bringing our ideas and resources together to connect women in the workplace in Europe and the US to share ideas, resources and energy for the changing context and work challenges we all face. Here are Fiona’s words from her current blogpost:

The Idea

“Was this webinar my idea? No. It was my good friend Jacquelyn Reeves who suggested to start the webinar series as an interactive talk show where women can view and listen to – and participate in – the discussions on the essential existential topics of work and life.

When Jacquelyn and I first met, on a sunny May day in Berlin, Germany, in a little Alexander Platz café, she told me that when she took my new book, How They Made It in America, to her consulting classrooms, everybody loved it.

The discussions made it clear the book has meaning for a broader audience than just immigrant women whose success stories it describes—because the issues raised in it are more universal, meaningful, and applicable. So, we decided to have this book as a conversation starter—and build on it, producing a special webinar or talk-show, or both! Thus, the idea of Jacquelyn based on my book is giving rise to a new webinar talk-show style.

The Start

The webinar/talk show series opens with the topic “Women Worldwide on the Rise: What Do They Bring to the Table?” In it, we feature the guest who is one of my eighteen book subjects, Irmgard Lafrentz, a notable American entrepreneur, originally from Germany.

Why did we chose this topic? Women worldwide are moving up in life and having their voices heard more and more: consider #MeToo movement, the growing number of women on corporate boards, in politics and upper management—and their ranks are swelling. So, let‘s see what exactly they contribute to our well-being and culture at large, in other words, what they bring to the table when living & working globally, in the countries of their choice.”

And get ready to register!

Webinar date: April 2, 18.00 CET