The Bridge – Cultural Consortium

Bridging outstanding women from Europe and America together in exciting and open conversations, in front of a gender-diverse audience.

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Reeves3c has been shortlisted for the 2019 European Diversity Awards

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How do we develop our cultural agility?

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How do we grow our market reach?

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Reduce ambiguity through working with intention

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How can we improve performance in a quickly-changing world?

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The Bridge

Due to the virus disruption, we’re postponing “The Bridge” roll-out on April 2.

I’ll be back with new scheduling!

Stay safe, everyone!

Corono Virus News

My excellent former student is publishing Corona virus news in English in Germany for the expats who are not able to well understand the German news! Well done, Jonathan Wuermeling!

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Our Services

Individual / Team Coaching

Are you searching for the next step in your personal or professional world? Develop a roadmap that makes transparent your available tools, then your goals and together we create the conditions to build the bridge connecting them. Creating your individual path in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) uses creativity and mindfulness and can be extremely satisfying. Coaching is the most custom, person-oriented and flexible way to find the right questions, build right answers and allow the space between to nurture new growth.

Group Training

Use the strengths and knowledge of people to nurture skills and talents in your organization! Its advantages are that solutions are transparent and inclusive: Group exercises allow for flexible and meaningful exchange of perspectives, opinions, innovations and solutions within an organizational entity. This is the opportunity to create goals, business cases and methods, roles and identify talent as well as areas of improvement in your team through healthy, positive and enjoyable interaction with an experienced facilitator invested in your success.


Consulting ties up and connects the small things to the big picture.
It may include: organisational gap analysis and culture assessment, alignment of processes within a site or across departments, identification of more or less need in specific areas. Identification of needed or available skill sets, technological support, identification of unseen opportunities and training, coaching and facilitation recommendations.

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Reeves3c is

a global through local consulting firm specializing in building cross-cultural successes, developing in-house knowledge, creating inclusion and developing awareness of diversity and its many advantages as well as spotlighting and unpacking bias in multiple organizational settings.
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Are We Hardwired to Blame?
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The Bridge: From America to Europe and back!
The Bridge: From America to Europe and back!
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2019 European Diversity Awards
2019 European Diversity Awards
  I am pleased to announce Reeves3c has been shortlisted for the 2019 European Diversity Awards as the “Manchester United…