Privacy and Security are the new pressure points in business and indeed in the world today. They refer to data protection policies, internet information security and represent a new frontier of product: information and metadata. If you are facing dilemmas in this field and looking for a coherent strategy, request a consultation.

  • Learn to protect your company’s information on the internet
  • Prepare for the future in this field
  • Learn your rights, different approaches and regulations when you work cross-border

In addition to that;

  • Discover and identify your personal privacy perspective and recognize the real world potential impact of differing perspectives.
  • Explore and identify the expectations, perceptions, interpretations and reactions of some of the key drivers of securities and privacy policy and conflict
  • Identify language codes and indicators of privacy values within social media sites, and face-to-face interaction and the roots of these values.
  • Recognize similarities and differences to explore the most effective strategies to reach your objectives.
    Learn current information on ethics, freedom of speech and online etiquette as well as coping styles and resolution techniques
  • Learn facts about key countries playing an impactful role in privacy policy-making, dealing with an insecure online world, and potential conflict areas of history, religion, people, day-to-day living, education, and economy to better understand the conditions you are dealing with.

Here are some useful resources regarding the subject: