Jacquelyn Reeves

Jacquelyn Reeves

Managing Director and Lead of Reeves3c
Berlin, Germany

As Lead Trainer, Consultant and Content Designer, connecting concepts to driving business results across projects is foremost. Solid research crosses with creativity and trainer, facilitator and consultant. She is especially adept at creating a comfortable and open atmosphere so that clients can best profit from their investment and experience.

Learning and growth can be sometimes stressful and my goal is to create positive learning experiences. I have a wide-range of experience with more than 60 nations and workplaces, from legacy companies to start-up and scale-up organizations. My Influences are the Intercultural Institute (ICI) Stella Ting-Toomey, Leeva Chung, Rita Wuebbeler, Barbara Schaetti, Matthew Hill, and topics integrate principles of mindfulness, resilience, improvisation and acting, and using fun and inspiration as a lever to learning.

Education and Qualifications are an M.S. in Adult, Continuing, and Occupational Education from Kansas State University, B.A. in German Studies from Bennington College, USA. The International Profiler,

What else? A lover of technology but also books made from paper, and facilitating your success.

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