Take control of your results by utilizing the whole spectrum of knowledge and potential your team has to offer.

What opportunities, talents and innovations are you missing in your team? In the day to day rush to get things done, we often take short cuts, or take the safe or proven track. In this exciting process, we will take your expectations, perceptions and interpretations and create new awareness of unseen or hidden dynamics in the workplace.

Especially important in creating a culture of inclusivity is the ability to reflect, through creating a quiet space. As a Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator, Jacquelyn will guide you by using the core principles of mindfulness and creativity in your journey.


If you’re forming a new team or refreshing the team spirit, this seminar is for you. Using an ontological and holistic approach, we will mine your team’s hidden talents and address hidden bias in order to refresh and revive.

  • Identify new and unseen talents in your team
  • Utilize your team’s talents and potential to the fullest
  • Freshen your team’s well of creativity, trust and spontaneity
  • Recreate your process! Reassess routines and task allocation
  • Learn to diagnose your team in these areas and find out when and how your team works best

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